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Welcome to What420, a brand born in the heart of Deadwood, Oregon. 

In the transformative year of 2020, we planted a seed hoping to gain a foothold in the ever-growing cannabis industry. 

We're your everyday Joes and Janes, Operating from our homestead in Rural Oregon. 

With love for cannabis and marketing, we set out to give cannabis businesses genuine, grassroots promotion and great value. 

Great Features Like The Big Directories But Much Cheaper. 

We created a unique platform, a cannabis business directory that delivers great value to any cannabis business. 

We use our marketing and SEO expertise to create interesting content and increase local visibility for dispensaries and other cannabis businesses. 

Although small and started from humble beginnings, we have already achieved a high ranking for over a thousand keywords. Additionally, we have successfully signed up numerous brand names. 

We explore the stories behind names, focusing on customers and local inquiries. We provide firsthand reports on cannabis dispensaries, products, and professionals. 

We are here to help people connect with the freshest, authentic cannabis experiences we can find. 

Our Values 

We're about sustainability and living in harmony with nature. 

We're not just preaching it; we're living it.

Our core values of freedom, sustainability, and peaceful co-existence with nature.

We're happy to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our community in the ongoing fight for the right to consume cannabis legally. 

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